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The Surrey Hills Hotel located near Horsham and offers some of the best rooms available in West Sussex & Surrey area. Surrey Hills is ideally situated to provide accommodation for those on business or theatre trips. If necessary, the whole of the premises can be booked to ensure your wedding guests are all comfortably accommodated in a single location.


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Perfect event setting in Horsham, West Sussex


When it comes to having a great celebration, there can be so much to organise and it can be very easy to become overwhelmed. This is why it is often best to leave the organisation to the professionals and when it comes to finding the best venue, you will find few better venues than the Surrey Hills Hotel. Already recognised as one of the best hotels Horsham has to offer, this hotel has developed a sterling reputation as being a party venue for all sorts of events. No matter your budget or the sort of night you are interested in hosting, feel free to contact the team for more information


When it comes to the sort of event that hotels Horsham venues deliver so well, it is hard to compete with weddings. On the happiest day of your life, you want to find a venue that is able to provide everything you could want or need. The Surrey Hills Hotel is a beautiful setting for your special occasion and there are many great opportunities to take pictures during the happy day. The rooms are spacious and can be decorated to your specifications. If you have any theme or style for your wedding, our team will be happy to discuss these plans with you to ensure your big day looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

Hotel in Horsham for any occasion


Whatever the reason for your stay, the Surrey Hills Hotel will be the perfect location. There is a growing interest in charity events and if you are looking to host a special event, this hotel, which is located close to the M25 and Gatwick and an hour from London, is a venue that will meet all of your needs

By choosing a reputable and reliable venue, you can focus on other parts of your event or celebration so make sure that you make the Surrey Hills Hotel your number one choice for a top quality hotel that Horsham has to offer.


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