Party Celebration & Theme Nights

cartoon2Planning a Party from start to finish is what we are all about be it an 18th Birthday, a 21st Birthday, 40th, 50th, 60th celebration The Surrey Hills Hotel caters for any event.

We know from days gone by people from all walks of life have one simple thing in common ~ They like to laugh and have fun ~ Here at the Surrey Hills Hotel we offer just that. Fun, combined with the very best in catering, entertainment and professionalism.

You may wish to theme your evening with George Clooney and his friends at the Hollywood Oscar’s, perhaps dash through the stratosphere into the unknown depths of space, or even mosey down the ol corral of the Wild West.

If you are looking for inspiration for a party take a look at some party ideas, put together from many hours of partying.



  • Whether you are an Alfie, Phil, Bianca, Deidre or Ken …. come dressed as your favourite Soap character.Entertainment Surrey
  • White collars and suspenders? Vicars and Tarts
  • Swing those Latin-American hips as you Salsa all night
  • What a great excuse for Hollywood fans to dress as their idol
  • Are you feeling devilish or sweet as a cherub? Make it an Angel and Devil party
  • Do the Charleston till you drop with a 20’s theme
  • If you always wanted to be Cinderella or Puss in Boots a Pantomime is for you
  • Grab your club and loincloth to be Caveman or Cavewoman
  • Is there a doctor in the house? Of course, it is a Doctors and Nurses Party
  • Come prepared to double or quits at the Casino
  • Shaken but not stirred for a James Bond classic night
  • Rappers & Slappers Ali G Lookie-likes and Saucy Clothes make this a favourite
  • Be discrete and flirtatious at a Masked Ball
  • Hot milky drinks and night time stories required for a Pyjama Party (teddies optional)
  • Still cannot decide, a Black Tie Ball for the ultimate formal partygoers

These and many more ideas help to create a fun evening that will have your guests talking about it for a long time afterwards. If you wish to host, a private or corporate party please telephone the booking office and we will be pleased to discuss your own special requirements.